9:38 PM Wednesday, <May 3>, <2023
Back and legs were sore today. Not sure if that’s because of the rucking from yesterday, or the illness that’s slowing going around. Lucy sort of had it this week, but not sure if her aches were from dry land workouts or the flu. At least she doesn’t sound sick anymore, so relatively quick recovery. Today was a decent day at work, got things done. Always nice when that happens. Fingers crossed there aren’t more issues that come up and we can go back to cruising on that process. Decided to just start serving up my “good” bourbon. I never super liked the “good” bourbons I “collected”, so just going to offer it up, or even use them in cocktails. I’m talking supposed bourbons of the year candidates for 2022, like Remus Repeal Reserve Series V and Bardstown Bourbon Co. Discovery Series #7, Calumet Farm 16]. Moved them from the back of the shelf to the front. I’ve also made good progress on clearing out my cask strength Redwood Empires.