11:43 PM Tuesday, <April 25>, 2023
Did a bike ride (and missed a work meeting because of it) and did my Apple Fitness+ core workout and tried to do my Gravity Push-Up Workout. Both were really hard today. Bike ride not so much. I probably dressed appropriately for the weather on the ride, but could have gone either way. Picked up a mophie Wireless Charging Vent Mount with MagSafe from the Apple Lincoln Park store, for upcoming trip to St. Louis this weekend for a soccer tournament. Borrowing my parents car, which doesn’t have Car Play, so needed a better mount for my iPhone, and that one looks like it’s got a pretty secure method for attaching to a car vent. We’ll see. Dropping Lucy off for swim practice was fine, the ride home after that is super annoying. Night Cubs game could explain some of it, but if you were trying to head West, it was slow. At one point Apple Maps said I had 900 ft to go on North Ave. and my estimated arrival time was 9 minutes. Also, thought about taking Lake Shore Drive on the way back after picking her up, but audibled when I saw the stopped traffic northbound right before we were going to get on, so thankfully was able to loop back around and go up Lincoln instead.