10:23 PM Monday, <April 24>, 2023
Went bouldering today, and still have all the skin on my fingers. So I’ll take it as a win. Took it easy though, nothing higher than a V3 and only did one of those, and didn’t end on a 4x4. Figure I’ll take a week to ease back into things, and start ramping stuff up next week, if I can still ramp stuff up. I did use a headband while climbing. Hair’s long enough that I need to do it. Had my favorite meal, longsilog for lunch. Used some old rice finally. Pretty good. Better than mixed greens, that’s for sure. Also did an Apple TV+ workout as well. Been a while. Felt good though. Moved my mat down to the basement, and used my iPhone to Airplay to the Apple TV instead of using the big iPad for it. Worked out pretty well. Annoyed that I still can’t use my Apple Watch directly with the Apple TV. I guess the bluetooth isn’t strong enough to reach down the hall. If only it could just use WiFi to do it instead.