10:02 PM Friday, <April 14>, 2023
I’m all in on UI Protect. Just switched over the 2 remaining indoor cameras (a Foscam and a Eufy) over to G3 Instants like the other indoor cams. Went pretty smooth. Had to do some homebridge tweaking, and finally updated the docker image it was running as so I can actually update to the newest version of the plugins I’m using. All in all, might keep me running smoothly for another year? Also got another UAP-AC-Pro for use on the porch/parkway, where I might be spending more time now that the weather is nicer. Getting much better performance and stability so far, compared to when I was trying it with a UAP-AC-Lite. Also made a little stand out of LEGO so it sits up and pointing out the window. Yeah, bit of a spending spree, so got to rein it in for the rest of the year. Got to go in to Lane Tech for the first time today to pick up Lucy early. Curious what the rest of the school looks like. Would love to wander around in there.