8:13 PM Thursday, <April 13>, 2023
Jackson lost his scooter, so he took his bike out today when playing with Finn and started trying to learn how to ride a bike. Makes me feel like I’ve failed as a biker myself, that my 9 year old hasn’t started biking yet. But he’s starting now. And had a couple runs where he seemed to get it. Probably headed out this weekend to try some more. Found a baseball/trucker hat I’ll probably be wearing all summer long, as my hair gets longer and longer. It’s a Blaine hat, might be a little small, but looks cool. Better summer hat than the Anders Erickson dad hat I got. Oh, got a couple ruck plates, so planning on doing another ruck tomorrow, since I don’t know how long it’ll be again before I got bouldering. Want to wait until my flapper holes heal up. Tracy cleaned up the back patio for a mom’s wine night, so looks pretty good. Also, started season 4 of Orphan Black, and seems like it’s getting a bit more crazy and off the rails. Wonder where the 5th season is gonna go.