11:30 PM Thursday, <March 30>, 2023
Okay, finally figured out how to create one, well, how to use the Marketplace at Linode to create my own Mastodon server at https://abando.social (). Which means I have my own account which isn’t going anywhere. That is until I break it, or don’t use it enough to justify running an instance. But yeah, kind of nice. A little weird though, I’m still wrapping my head around the fediverse, and how when I moved my account from @eabando@mastodon.social over to @eric@abando.social, and I imported my following list, I didn’t just get all the posts I had been following. Figure there’s got to be a way to back populate those. Oh, realized another way I might stop running my own instance: too expensive because it’ll eventually get too big. Thanks to Rick, realized I had to reboot my Plex server this morning. It was all wonky after the macOS update. Only have to get Lucy’s devices updated before I can do the Home Upgrade of the underlying architecture. Probably should wait until after we get back from spring break though. Don’t want to break anything.