4:48 PM Monday, <January 16>, <2023>
As my palate cleanser I’ve started watching Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan from the beginning (even though only Season 3 is new to me). Can still get kind of intense, but “grounded” in the real world. Driving my parents to the airport tomorrow. Hopefully early enough that traffic’s not bad coming back in. Rained today, a little unexpected for the middle of January. I saw a couple fat squirrels chasing each other around a tree today. I’m sure they weren’t expecting this weather either. Had an Amaretto Sour last night. Really really good. Had a little bourbon in it. Wouldn’t have expected it, but it was quite tasty. Hair’s actually long enough to put it into a tiny little top knot. I’m on my way. Got a drawer for my desk at home. It’s pretty nice, fits all the stuff I want to get off my desk, but it’s pretty tall. I had to adjust the desk height so I wouldn’t run into it with my leg. I think that has the added benefit of making me have better posture at my desk. Hopefully it doesn’t annoy me too much.