9:46 PM Sunday, <January 15>, <2023>
Finished up The White Lotus Season 2. Wonder where Season 3 is going to be set. Floriday? Caribbean? Costa Rica? France? Started watching Halo. Not the best idea considering I just started Ancillary Justice as well. Probably going to finish it up today, so now need to find a nice palate cleaner of a show. Put a bunch of shows on my Plex watchlist, and I’ve got a lot to catch up on. Also just found a Plex version of Spotify’s Wrapped yearly review. So for my users, expect that sometime soon. Dinner last night was pretty good. Had a hearth reservation, so bar type seating with a nice view of the kitchen. Probably end up doing some work tomorrow even though I think I have the day off, but I do have a meeting scheduled.