8:48 PM Thursday, <January 12>, <2023>
Was looking back to see when I did the Paganello/Philippines trips almost back to back, and didn’t have any records here, or in my Memex or Musings. Had to dig into my personal journal in Day One to get confirmation it was in 2000, and actually forgot that we also went to Jim Schanz’s wedding in between. So that March/April was like Philippines for a week, then back for a week, then a weekend in Florida, then a week or so, then a long weekend in Italy. Those were the days. Young, dumb, with almost zero responsibilities. The following year that time was multiple Vegas trips with friends, then with family, then an Spring Break Reunion frisbee tourney in Florida. Definitely seemed like travel came in spurts. Didn’t do a good job spreading it around the year. Watched Jackson’s Hip Hop class performance that got delayed from the snowstorm before Christmas break. That was fun. Too bad he doesn’t want to keep it up.