7:03 PM Tuesday, <January 10>, <2023>
Been a long time since I’ve since daily doses like these in the CMS for the site. Today was Amazon Delivery Day for me. Annoyed they can’t put everything in a single or at least consolidate some of the boxes, I got 3 boxes, and 2 packaging envelopes. But understood that they’re probably coming for various warehouses throughout the country. Already got stuff in the cart for the next order, basically a bunch of Sonic Comic Books for Jackson. Will be nice when/if he starts reading bigger chapter books. Wonder if he’ll go down the Rick Riordan rabbit hole when they read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief later this year. That’s a good 5 books that series, then another 5 in the Heroes of Olympus, then the Kane Chronicles and Magnus Chase series. Speaking of reading, I’ve started Ancillary Justice. Hoping I can keep my reading up throughout the year. I think I started strong last year too.