8:19 PM Sunday, <January 8>, <2023>
Lucy swam the 1000 yard freestyle event at her meet this weekend (Saturday evening session). First time, and she qualified for regionals in it. First in her age group (of which there were 3) but more impressively 4th overall (from boys and girls 11-17). So that’s very cool. Turns out they had electrical problems today so the 2nd day of the meet was cancelled. But then her and Alex decided to do a self practice session at the gym anyway today. Guess she likes swimming. Christmas decorations are down and put away in the garage attic. Opens up some more space in the storage room downstairs. Leaves the parlor very empty until Tracy puts her plants back in. Went to the O’Tooles Solstice party last night. Good times as always. Impressed that Jackson wasn’t asking to leave earlier. The earliest he asked was around 9:30, but then he decided he wanted to stay longer so we didn’t leave for another hour. First time drinking beer in a while (since I’m usually a cocktail/whiskey person), my body was not happy with that choice. Kids go back to school tomorrow. Lucy starts her orthodontics tomorrow. Back to the grind.