9:37 PM Tuesday, <January 9>, <2024
So went on a cruise last week, Norwegian Encore. Good times. Got back Sunday night, still feeling the cruise sway. Kids don’t feel it at all, almost immediately. Tried to keep a travelogue using Day One, but started to lose steam on Thursday. I’ve tried to backfill, and hopefully I fill in Memex Daily Entries, but we’ll see. Realized I should actually start just taking a picture at each new place, and of each dish at each meal, to help me remember, not to actually post anywhere. Kids really enjoyed the trip. Was really nice having a room to ourselves, and the kids had their own room. They definitely wanted to sleep in more, and having no windows in their room it was very conducive to that. Having a good buffet available for every meal was great. Soft serve machines (just vanilla and chocolate, and I always just got a twist) was good. I have finally realized I just need to use LACTAID before desserts. Much more enjoyable for everyone that way. Damajagua's Waterfalls & Buggies shore excursion at Puerto Plata, DR, was cool, Jackson and I did the biggest jump which was pretty impressive. Got super muddy at the buggies part of it when Tracy was driving. The cruise pier pool was great though. St. Thomas kayak and snorkling tour was fairly relaxing. Shopping was a little boring though. The Virgin Gorda & The Baths shore excursion at Tortola was Jackson’s favorite, probably because of all the water and rock exploring. The Choir of Man show was really good on the boat, and they’re coming to Chicago at the Apollo Theater this spring, so we’re going again. Lazer tag was fun on the boat as well. I did have to splurge and get the premium Wi-Fi package for myself. Was nice that we could all use it, but had to take turns. I did even manage to do some work. Anyway, easing back into things. Disappointed with the snowstorm that fizzled out so far today. And not sure if I’ll keep up my daily or close to daily posting again. We’ll see.