8:23 PM Sunday, <October 18>, 2020>
Finished up watching the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. Took me 27 days to complete. Definitely pick up things when you know the story so far. And, I'm not afraid to admin, hits the emotions a bit more when all the stories are all so fresh. It is an impressive piece of work. Random thought: in some other Earth in the Multiverse, I'm talking about the DC Cinematic Universe instead. Ted Lasso is amazing. I finally tried out sonarr and radarr and those are amazing tools. I also rediscovered newsgroups through those systems and nzbget. Bought way too much Nerf guns lately, stocking up I guess for future gifts. Or because I don't want to miss out on them in the future. Keep waiting for Apple to release the AirPods Studio (nothing at last month's Watch/iPad event, nothing at most recent iPhone event). Not my year to upgrade. Might not upgrade for a couple years. eLearning's been going ok for the kids. Still chugging along. Car has a weird slow leak on one of the tires. Did some rearranging in the kitchen (toaster oven got moved off the island). Finally gave in after a cold morning and ordered up Slankets for the whole family. Worth it. Going to eventually upgrade the family iMac (sticking with the most recent Intel so we can Boot Camp Windows if necessary, as well as VESA because that's just cool). Trying to use my Fujifilm X-E3 more. Ever since the new iOS update and putting the photo widget on my home screen and seeing old photos unearthed, makes me want to take more and better photos. Still have to finish reading The Amber Spyglass. Started trying to get a weekly bike ride in, usually Wednesday morning, pretend that I'm biking in to the office and back. Also trying out intermittent fasting (12/8), so basically just skipping breakfast, and trying to stay keto too, but neither of which happens on the weekend.