2:11 PM Sunday, <September 27>, 2020
Figure it's time for a monthly post. Still chugging along. School's started for the kids. Changed the arts and crafts room into a classroom, reused a my old Anthro computer desk for the kids desks. Jackson's on an old iPad Pro (9am-2pm with lunch at 11:30) and Lucy's on her MacBook Air (9am-2:30pm with lunch as 12:30). I'm back at the kitchen table. Been using an old set of Jabra Move bluetooth headphones because I thought I might be coming down with swimmer's ear, so waiting a bit before going back to Airpods Pro. Airpods Studio, or whatever the over the ear headphones Apple will hopefully release, are day 1 buys for me. Lucy uses headphones for her classes but Jackson hasn't found a pair that's comfortable, so he just uses speakers. Forgot, but right after the last post the dechero came through Chicago and we lost power for 3 days, Monday Aug 9 - Wednesday afternoon. We managed. Went to the gym a couple of times, powered up devices off batteries. Tracy was actually off, so that wasn't a problem. Actually worked out of the Brizzolaras while they were out at Lakeside, and Tracy and the kids went to the beach for the day, and I also moved Tracy's work stuff over in case we still didn't have power when she had to work again. But we got power back in time. But that was rather interesting, no TV, no AC. Did get another Nintendo Switch, which is pretty much a dedicated Animal Crossing: New Horizons machine for Lucy. Bought some foam dart guns that are actually too powerful to use in the basement, so those as just mine, not the kids. Back on keto, and skipping breakfast, so I guess intermittent fasting too. Going to try and start biking again, maybe just once a week in the morning when Tracy isn't working. First time back and went downtown to figure out the work commute to the new office whenever we do end up going back in. Started reading again. Really really like Leviathan Wakes. Very impressive. Now on The Amber Spyglass so I can watch His Dark Materials. I always stay up way too late on Thursdays cause I watch Ted Lasso and The Boys when new episodes come out. Also started working my way through the MCU again. Finished Phase 1 and started Phase 2.