10:25 AM Saturday, <February 1>, <2020
Missed a January update completely. Went back on a keto diet. Tried intermittent fasting, but didn't seem to be losing any weight, and just didn't make me happy at all. At least on keto I'm seeing results and I'm not so hangry. Found out my pneumonia induced normal blood pressure was because of the illness, and not because I wasn't drinking coffee or eating. Started looking into Nerf and modding a lot, because Jackson got a bunch of Nerf guns, thinking I'd get one to mod for my birthday. But I ended up dropping and breaking my Apple Watch 4, which was out of warranty. Went without one for a couple days, contemplated trying a kind of smart watch (Withings Move or Steel HR), but realized I actually use the smart watch functionality of the Apple Watch. So, after getting confirmation it would cost about half as much as getting a new watch as it would be to get the old one fix, moved up to an Apple Watch 5 Titanium Space Black. Same week Tracy was complaining about the battery life on her iPhone 8, so first got her a Morphie Juice Pack Air, but while that was shipping, managed to talk her into just getting a new phone instead. So ordered iPhone 11 Pros for both of us, gold for her, space black for me. So a little weird getting Apple Watch and iPhone not immediately after release. Think we're off the 2 year cycle for good, start stretching device ownership out longer. Also now fully Space Black (iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch). Also, no birthday presents for me. Besides a Nerf gun or two, was also thinking of a second Nintendo Switch for the house, or a RetroPi Arcade cabinet. Maybe Arbor Day? Oh, really enjoyed watching Kim's Convenience. Like The Leftovers, but that's a rough watch. A to Z was also pretty good. And caught the first episode of Star Trek: Picard while it was free on YouTube. Definitely getting CBS All Access] in March once all the episodes are available, unless I give in before then. Also realized we now have Apple TV+ for a year. So need to check out For All Mankind and Little America.