6:48 PM Tuesday, <December 31>, <2019>
Finished removing DRM from my iTunes purchases so I can put them on Plex in 1080p resolution where available. Took a while. Now have decided to try pulling down from streaming services to watch via Plex, however, only available in 720p max. Trying to limit to stuff I can't purchase, stuff that's streaming only, but giving in to some. Promise to delete if I ever cancel my subscriptions. Santa was pretty good for me this year. Got a bunch more merino wool hoodies (from Wooly), which is pretty much what I wear exclusively. Got a new 55-200 zoom lens for the camera. Should be useful for the kids sports activities, since they have them now. Oh yeah, Lucy had her first swim meet. Hence the lens. Jackson's got soccer at the CIBC Fire Pitch (indoor soccer setup for the Chicago Fire). Hence the lens. Jackson got a few Nerf guns, so I got some Nerf guns, and Lucy got a Nerf bow and arrow. I got Christmas Eve off for the first time. That was nice. Been working from home a lot, and not all that productive, so going in when I can, like today. Had to bring Lucy to morning swim clinic a couple times on break, so she had two a days for the first time. Gained all my weight back that I lost from the pneumonia. Got Airpods Pro, which are my first noise cancelling headphones, and they're amazing. However, my ear canals are 2 different sizes, which is annoying. Can't quite find a good size for my left year. Oh, went to my work party (Roaring 20's theme) in a tux with tails and top hat and cane, pocket watch and everything. Definitely weird though, cause I only know a handful of people even though I've been there for 16 years. Finally made it down to Uncle Mike's Place, found it to just be ok. Don't really have to go back. Went on a quest for lychee's after Jackson had a lychee drink at Jin Ju, and eventually found it at the H Mart downtime, where I saw live king crab for the first time. They're enormous.