9:30 PM Wednesday, <October 30>, 2019
Think this entry was originally auto inserted when Safari tried to suggest this url. So, figured it's time for my monthly entry. Watched Succession. That's some good stuff. Made my own Viking shield for our halloween costumes. Of course that meant I had to get a jigsaw, but it's pretty cool. Heavy though. And I got a sword. And an bearded axe. You can get anything on Amazon these days. The leather armor and bracers came from Viking Shield. So of course, way too much money, somewhat authentic costume, and Jackson (wearing a store bought Link costume) got all the compliments. Which makes sense. Not that much cool about my costume (authentic Viking warrior, like from the Vikings tv show). Too late I realized I should have been the old man from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, that would have been much better. And just today went as a businessman to work (wore a suit and everything, and the short brim Fedora hat, and a long wool coat). Couldn't find my beige trench coat or a briefcase, that would have completed the look. I should get a 3 piece suit, just to have. Also think a John Wick costume would be a nice one to have in the back pocket, but I didn't have a black dress shirt. Dressing up is fun. Not sure if we'll be heading out for trick or treating tomorrow, weather seems pretty nasty. People are headed to our house to pre-party though. Oh, and the kids have been off school for 10 days because the Chicago Teacher's Union went on strike. So that's been good for them. Relatively good timing since Jackson was sick for like a week. Had to go get things fixed on the CrossTrek a couple times at the dealer. Finished replacing any 720p HD versions in Plex with full 1080p versions. Started the tv shows. Oh, Jessica Jenkins crashed in the guest room last weekend, in town for our 20th college reunion, which I had no idea was going on. Good to catch up with her. Trying to get to bed at a decent hour, since I started meeting with my India based team members early in the morning (later in the day for them). Also started reading again, back on my Kobo Aura since Lucy took my Kobo Forma. Had to start the Heroes of Olympus pentalogy by Rick Riordan since Lucy finished it already and won't stop taking about it. New iOS and iPadOS and macOS releases, no nuke and paves this time around. No new devices either. Main iMac is stuck on High Sierra, don't want to upgrade the Mac mini server to Mojave, so pretty much 2 macOS releases behind for a daily use machine. Also have to find sometime to nuke and pave the Windows Intel NUC. It's not getting updates.