6:04 PM Monday, <September 30>, <2019
Went camping with some of the Girl Scouts this past weekend down at Camp Butternut Springs. Left Friday afternoons like at 4, so smack dab in rush hour. At about Belmont I realize I forgot my phone. Going back would add like another hour to the trip, so I went phoneless for the weekend. Turns out an Apple Watch isn’t a phone replacement. And I didn’t really miss it much. Also learned how to use a compass, and what the term 60 degrees due North means. Also learned how to do a clove hitch knot. Drive up was interesting because of the massive storm, made driving pretty crazy once we got really close to the camp, and took about 4 hours with a brief stop to pick up dinner. And my clothes were really wet. But Saturday remained pretty dry. But it rained Sunday, so hiked while wet and didn’t get to do archery. Saturday afternoon, Jackson was too small for canoeing, so he and I went adventuring off trail. Got a little worried that I should have a map/compass, but figured it couldn’t be that bad. Eventually made it back. Got way into the glow games, but had a nice campfire waiting for us at the lodge. Next time real camping in pop up tents. And I need a campfire cookbook. I’m intrigued. And now I have an idea for Friendsgiving.