5:34 PM Sunday, <February 12>, <2017>
Saturday was a day pretty much for Lucy. Went to Crosby's Kitchen for breakfast to get monkey bread. A key difference between the version made at home vs. the restaurant version is the cream cheese frosting. Then some playground time before getting ready to go see Shen Yun, tickets courtesy of my parents for Lucy, who also got a fancy new dress. Jackson went over the grandparents for the day, because there was no chance he'd be able to sit through a show. Took the Brown Line down, and made it just as the house lights went down. It was good. Lucy liked it. I noticed some Falun Gong propaganda intermixed. Which is interesting. Then we took the bus from the Harris Theater up to Water Tower Place. Lucy got mac & cheese from Foodease while Tracy and I got some M Burger. Then the girls got gelato, I got an espresso, before heading in to the Lego Store. Got each of the kids something, tried to teach Lucy about saving (so this time she saved half of her allocation this trip for the next one, to maybe get something more expensive). Then wandered through American Girl to get a catalog, but it was an old one. That was my first time. Really interesting. Then hopped on the 146 home to get Jackson and get a ride home.