12:50 PM Wednesday, <May 26>, 1999
I met with a couple high school friends yesterday night; theymet me downtown with Jessica in tow for dinner and some Chicagoaction. We ate at Heaven on Seven, actually on Two, at 600 N.Michigan Ave. It was pretty good. They, James and Case, madefun of the crawfish I had for dinner. We went searching forice cream but got lost at the Big Borders across from Water TowerPlace. We finally got some Baskin Robbins back up in Evanston,and I settled for the Mint Chocolate Chip/Strawberry CheesecakeDouble scoop. I played some more ultimate today, IM's, on Shelly'sand Jessica's team. This thursday I'll have to play against themas the finals for Co-ed IM ultimate is ISP vs. Jaundice. There'salso a captains' meeting for CUSLthis thursday at Schuba's. I've started reading some more Gibson,currently Burning Chrome, a collection of short storiesincluding Johnny Mnemonic.