9:30 AM Monday, <November 7>, <2005>
Yes. I have one. I watch too much TV. I pretty much sat on the couch all weekend watching TV. I started plowing through Alias:Season 4. I watched Blade: Trinity and Mean Girls on Sunday just because it was on. I'm not sure exactly how many episodes I got through of Alias, but it was a lot. A couple things about watching TV on DVD, I wish the Play All would skip over opening credits after the first one on a disc. Wouldn't be that hard, would it? I actually wouldn't know at all, haven't authored a DVD ever in my life. But I'm trying to get through Season 4 so I can watch and delete Season 5 off the DVR. It's just taking up space. And I'm running out of space. I did manage to get up off the couch and go to a Pie Party, which was interesting and fun. But otherwise, a whole lot of couch time. I also tried getting more cover art into iTunes. Makes things look prettier on iPod nanos. Watching MNF tonight with friends. Got an interview Wednesday for a part time seasonal gig at the Apple Store at Old Orchard (weekends only). And headed to Panama City, FL for a really long weekend on Thursday with Tracy and the gang. A couple things I forgot to mention. First, if you have a Java capable phone with a good data plan, get Google Local Mobile (http://www.google.com/glm) for cell phones. I use it with my cell phone, and it's amazing. Absolutely amazing. Oh, and I got Krispy Kreme for breakfast this morning, and the store down at 175 W. Jackson was absolutely empty at 8am. The Dunkin Donuts across the street? Packed. Not a good sign at all.