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11:46 PM Sunday, February 15, 2015
Updated the home webserver to Yosemite a week or two ago. Also upgraded it to an SSD, which means all the machines at home are now solid state. Of course, that meant the websites were broken, so it wasn't until tonight that I had some time and fixed the issues. Besides just getting it up and running finally I fixed some more outstanding issues so musings navigation works again among other things. Of course my more ambitious plans of redoing the design hasn't happened yet, but we'll see. As always, big plans, high hopes... Last weekend went to Great Wolf Lodge for the 10 year reunion. Hard to believe. Fun, but completely different. Kids and smartphones were the 2 biggest differences I could easily think of. In comparison to the other water parks, Great Wolf was the warmest. Probably helps that it was made up of smaller spaces joined together, instead of the one giant space like Kalahari. Should probably try KeyLime Cove up in Gurnee to see if it's any good. Closer that's for sure. Also, the Olympus TG-3 waterproof camera worked out pretty well. Got some fairly impressive, at least to me, underwater shots of Lucy. Looking forward to using it when we go to Florida for Spring Break with the Cases. Finally got to use the sports goggles I got for bike commuting. Totally worth it. I also splurged and got a pair of softshell swrve winter pants. And they're amazing. I want more to just wear all the time. But all the winter biking gear is getting used. When I get fully dressed, no exposed skin. I went with Power Grips so I could use boots. I also finally got a pair of those bar end lights, so hopefully super easy to see me at night. Next might be a Torch T1 Helmet with built in lights. Maybe next week. House is coming along, and this is when things supposedly start to crawl, as we get to the nitty gritty stuff. I'm working on getting it setup as a smart home, so controlled including lights, shades, AV distribution, HVAC, security, all that jazz. Hardest thing for me is letting go of control. Because for the system to be done right, the integrator has to do it with a level of programming that the vendors don't allow customer access to. Which sucks. But if that's what it takes. Oh, got my Coin beta today. It's a lot cooler than I thought it would be. Seriously as thin as a credit card, which makes sense, but I just figured it'd be thicker because of the bluetooth radio, display, and so on. But no. It's also like the future. Used it without any issues at Whole Foods. Something to tide me over until I get an Apple Watch, which I most likely will.
2:49 PM Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Crazy. Another year closer to 40. Started sleep training Jackson. Which needed to be done. But weird, because he's never slept in the crib. He only was in the pack n' play, or in the bed. Hasn't tried climbing out yet, which I think he could do. Tends to lay on his belly, butt in the air, and tuck his arms in under him, and cry. We don't have the nets up so he lost his binkies last night, but maybe we can get them up so at least he can have them. They help I think. And, as usual, the question comes up if he threw up or not, like the first night, or if he pooped or not, and that's why he's crying, or if he doesn't like Lucy's room. So far, seems like it's because he doesn't like sleeping by himself. Contemplating whether or not I should try biking tomorrow, because it's supposed to be a high of like 9° F. I do bundle up correctly, but still, wonder when it's too much. Only exposed skin might be the underside of my nose, because the facemask doesn't cover it. Bike does need a good cleaning, but no idea when that's going to happen. Kind of cold for it.
3:42 PM Friday, February 20, 2015
Now that I'm not sleeping with Jackson anymore, I have my nights back. I'm sleeping less, watching TV more, and doing more work at home again. And that's just the first week. I wonder if I can start up some hobby projects finally. But I'd forgotten what watching live TV was like. Watched a couple episodes of The Walking Dead with Tracy last night. I've become rather enamoured with either purchased media or subscription media, because of the lack of ads and no need for fast forwarding and completeness of episodes (don't have to worry about missing that last minute or even 30 seconds of a next episode preview or after the credits scene). Randomly getting tempted by a real laptop again, like a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014). Max out the RAM, and go to town. Go to town over what, I'm not exactly sure. Or, I could buy this MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010) from work instead. Maybe after the next round of updates? I would have to figure out a way as always to carry it on the bike, but then again, might give me a reason to get another Tom Bihn bag. Started using Slack at work. Mostly dev team, but I'm finally ramping up my usage. Using it to keep track of things instead of email, so sending notifications to it directly via SQL stored procedures via curl and the web post hooks to channels. Not bad. Better more direct notifications than email. Of which there's too much noise. Also, not sure if it was noticed, but Daily Dose doesn't have intro/main parts to a post. It's just the post. Figured there wasn't a need to split it anymore.
Archive of <February> <2015> [reverse chronological]