lists, looking back, not enough to create a list, let alone have a list, but have them anyway, to ask them questions, to ask her questions, and maybe her, but hey, such things are possible, and what is a muse if not someone else's muse inspired work of art, isn't that just a muse continuing what muses do, by inspiring art that inspires art or action that might, in turn, inspire more art or more action, these are the questions i get, these are the cheap musings, and i wonder, i used to be good at it, long time ago, i used to have fun, i used to enjoy it, the thrill, the sense of power, and responsibility, the few times i actually welcomed those two things with open arms, and relished in it, and i think, and pause, and friends, ha, if i could even call them that, but they had dreams, they had wishes, they had plans, and sometimes, just sometimes, resolution can be reached through conflict, and maybe miss ivana is right, and maybe points can be reached, a dream can come true, and witness to the truth, the way and the light
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