remember the whole iPad vs Mac and car vs. pickup analogy? just had to look it up, Steve Jobs at AllThingsD in 2010. Still think it's true today. Except the newest iPad Pros look like like a Lamborghini Uru. Or maybe like an actual Hummer, or a fully decked out Land Rover for an overland trip or a giant F350 or a Ferrari or all of the above combined in a single vehicle, except it's only allowed to drive in the city. It can't go super fast, or off road, or tow a giant boat or camper. Just dropping the kids off at school, getting the dry cleaning, or picking up groceries. Just seems like a waste. Like why would you spend all that money to just sit in traffic? You want to be able to get out, explore the open road, go fast, have a driving experience, move heavy objects. But a lot of people seem to just want to drive in the city instead.
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