3:00 PM Wednesday, <November 24>, <2004>
Thanksgiving's tomorrow. My friend James is in town, down from the AK, so I get to see him tonight. Been a while, approximately 15 months or so. Weather's taken a turn for the worse, or better, depending on your view. Watched the first couple of episodes of Veronica Mars this morning. Finished getting all 10 episodes of Jack & Bobby. I'll be back in Chicago tomorrow night, seeing as how I've got to go back to work on Friday. Finally went swimming last night. Ugh, I'm really out of shape. But good. Didn't quite make me want to go to sleep right away though. I just realized that MPEG Transport Streams, which is the broadcast format of HDTV, is roughly 5 GB/40 minutes for full 1920x1080i, and 3-4GB/40 minutes for 1280x720p. Enough to fit on Dual layer DVD's now. Interesting, isn't it?