9:46 AM Monday, <November 22>, <2004>
Saw Chronicles of Riddick Friday night at Bryan's after dinner at Darwin's with Kevin and Bryan, and seeing Russell and AJ with separate groups there as well. Bucktown, small neighborhood. Chronicles should have been written and performed Shakespeare style. I thought a lot of the ideas seemed very familiar in that sense. Laundry and School of Rock on Saturday before heading out to Bucktown again to see Marla. Ended up watching Elf over at Bryan's before heading home to watch Rock Star. Went and watched National Treasure on Sunday, good stuff, and finally watched a couple episodes of Lost. For all my effort at trying to get the DivX files from Bittorrent transcoded to MPEG Transport Files for use with the Roku, I just gave up and watched them on my computer. They kept getting out of sync. Too much work. The episodes from the EyeTV work great though, and that's all I've got left. That's just an awesome show. Caught Jack & Bobby on regular TV yesterday as well. That's also a really good show.