9:59 AM Monday, <August 16>, <2004>
Summer League's over, Captains of Olde won our first game, lost our second, won the third and then called it a season. Fun. Got to play with El again. Pretty quiet weekend overall, Friday night dinner with some married folks (Bacotes and Russells) and Sally at Silver Cloud, my first time, pretty good. I had the Chicken in a Bowl, which was good, but still didn't satisfy my craving for chicken soup, which I think has passed. No movie, a trip to the dog park, and a quiet evening at home. Saturday was showing up late for the tourney after getting Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast, then getting Wendy's (so good) on the way out, or back in. Some cleaning, reorganizing, trying to figure out what to do with the data center, some serious kitchen cleaning. Now I've got more counter space, and I don't know what to do with it all. Sunday friends for poker after grocery shopping. I'm gonna try and make some zucchini bread. And I got my brother's old Wallstreet out and installed Mac OS X 10.2 on it, hoping to either turn it into a big giant digital picture frame or something else. Slow though. And figure out what to do with the old iMac as well.