10:33 AM Monday, <August 18>, <2003>
Cooler was good this past weekend. Kaze went 4-0 on Saturday, eaking out a win over Flaming Moe in pool play. Dinner was good at the Water Street Brewery both Friday and Saturday nights, eating plenty of meat. God Bless Tony and his creation of the Mantonio, root beer and vanilla vodka. I also really liked the Raspberry Weiss they had as a summer brew. The team also managed to get to Kopp's for some custard Saturday night. Got to see Kate Mazurek again after all these years, and hung out a little bit with Alison, Leah's sister. Sunday we won our first game and lost our second, to Blah, yet again, but in a very good, hard fought, pretty spirited game, 17-15. Dinner on the way home was the Brat Stop. Laundry tonight, track tomorrow, practice Wednesday. Hope the body holds together.