9:23 AM Friday, <August 8>, <2003>
Only 8 people showed up to beach, including myself, on a slightly windy but otherwise beautiful day. A little depressing, but that's okay. I'll keep trying. Afterwards Leo, Remy, and I went to Sai for dinner, yummy sushi, and Leo and I hit up Anthony's Italian Ice around the corner. So good. Light and refreshing. When I got home I had a surprise waiting for me, the Kaze temporary tattoos had arrived. They look sweet. I'm sporting all 3 right now, panda on the left shoulder, kanji on the right, and the pirate over my left pec. Tomorrow going to see SWAT and get some grub on a Saturday where I have no ultimate. It's gonna be nice. Hopefully something fun will happen tonight after practice, but wait and see.