3:17 PM Friday, <August 1>, <2003>
Wow. These 45 or so add days have gone fast. Leah will be living down on Dickens and Clark this next year, which is pretty close to where I am now, so that's pretty cool. Helping her move on the 14th. Oh, happy August, if that's something to excited about. Means summer is almost over. Might have a Drumline showing tonight. Headed to South Bend this weekend. Wouldn't mind going to a drive in, but might have to push it off for another weekend. I wouldn't mind trying to get up to see Shakespeare on the Green up at Barat, but I don't know if that'll happen on Sunday or not. Only Tony, Remy, and Bryan showed up for beach last night, even though it was absolutely beautiful out. We threw around and then ate at some pub and then had some Cold Stone. Hopefully it'll be better next week.