10:00 PM Monday, <February 19>, <2024
Jackson had in effect a LAN party at the house today. They played Fortnite on 2 Switches and dual screened on a PS5. Theoretically, could have had 2 more Switches join the party? Or at least 1 more. But kind of cool. At least they weren’t screaming across the house. Wonder how cheap a real setup would cost, maybe 2 more screens? Maybe if we ever upgrade the TVs in the family room and master bedroom, just move them to the basement, and Bob’s your uncle. Also snagged some Domino’s for them. I keep forgetting how much I like their thin crust, and how bad their wings are. I’m getting tempted by the whole VShred marketing campaign, but I really don’t want to have to go to a gym to do a full workout plan. Maybe if I was still a member at Movement.