10:03 PM Wednesday, <February 7>, <2024
Tried a Jagerita Sour (https://www.theeducatedbarfly.com/jagerita-sour/) and an Industry Sour (https://www.theeducatedbarfly.com/industry-sour/) in prep for the board party this weekend. Both pretty good. I like taking the cocktails that take liquors you don’t like and making them good (like the Hard Sell (https://www.theeducatedbarfly.com/hard-sell/) and the Amaretto Sour (https://jeffreymorgenthaler.com/i-make-the-best-amaretto-sour-in-the-world/). Only had to drop the kids off at soccer practice, so was able to drop off Lucy and Matilda at swim practice. And was back at Binny’s Lincoln Park, and got the other Redwood Empire Small Lot, Devils Tower a High Rye Bourbon. Pretty much any limited release from Redwood Empire and Still Austin I think I’ll get. Although the whiskey shelf is full again, so have to kill some bottles before that last spring release from Still Austin comes out.