10:21 PM Monday, <January 29>, <2024
Yeah, I’m probably not doing the social site thing correctly by just posting my random musings here on my blog/musings. But I’m not looking for interaction, or to get into a conversation, I just want to put my thoughts down. Anyway, only got 2 walks in today, not my usual 3. Finished off Reacher Season 2. Just a fun show. Surprised at the nostalgic needle drop at the end of the 7th episode. Good times. I think For All Mankind Season 4 is up next, and then probably Percy Jackson & The Olympians after that. Did watch a bit of Dinner Time Live with David Chang with Tracy. That’s a fun show, at least with the 1st episode. The whole cooking while hosting isn’t an easy thing. Wonder if they’ll keep it up, or bring in Chris to help (that’s my suggestion).