10:16 PM Monday, <January 22>, <2024
Trying something out, this is my version of the Upgrade 40th Anniversary of the Mac Draft (https://www.relay.fm/upgrade/496) podcast episode. So the first Mac I used, a Mac IIsi that was a hand me down from my brother, that I brought with me to college. Installed an ethernet card and was on the internet for the first time. Favorite/Best Mac: 12-inch Powerbook G4. Great machine. If I have to follow the rules, and pick one that wasn't mentioned, the G4 Cube. Loved the concept. And the first one I bought with my own money. Favorite software: Broadcast. Another college era app for me, used Appletalk to chat to other users. At least I think that's what it was called. Not sure if it could also share files over it too, but just lots of good memories of the use of that app, specifically freshmen year. Favorite/Best Mac Accessory: I'm actually a big fan of the Magic Keyboard. I like the minimalism. I even use it for my Windows work desktop.