9:40 PM Wednesday, <November 22>, 2023
Slight work crisis this morning. So much for a quiet Wednesday before Thanksgiving. At least I don’t have to deal with the Black Friday stuff pretty much at all anymore. Took Lucy over for her orthodontist followup, all checked out, and set an appointment for 3 months, again on a day with no school, but after lunch, instead of 9:15 which was way too early for her. Got my flu and covid vaccines this afternoon. So in the household only Jackson is missing his covid vaccine this season, everyone else has one and everyone has had the flu shot. Didn’t get a chance to go running, maybe tomorrow, we’ll see how I feel. Started watching Raiders of the Lost Ark to build up to Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Just surprised the first one doesn’t get the Indiana Jones and the prefix like all the others. A little annoying when you do a search for Indiana Jones and Raiders doesn’t show up.