10:25 PM Saturday, <November 18>, 2023
Lost their first game today, 0-2. Didn’t play well. Had a big gap between their 10:40am first game and 6:40pm second game. Went to Fitz’s for lunch. Good food and soda. Also picked up a 24 pack of asstd sodas. Then had to go to Dick’s to get Jackson new cleats (since the outsole was falling off his old ones). Also took a while to find a swim suit (apparently not a whole lot of choices in November. Side note, the mall was hopping. Found one eventually at Macy’s, but realized after we got back to the hotel that they forgot to remove the security tag. Managed to get it off using the saw on the Leatherman to open it up and pliers to get it off; however, I managed to slice my finger open. Managed to get a band-aid on it, and Austin got me some crazy glue, but not going to open it up again until I get home. Jackson and Hudson got an hour of swimming in, then back for the 2nd game of they day. They played better this time, but managed to lose 0-3. More shots on goal, but no conversions. 1 more game at 9am. Hoping we can at least get on the board. Got some bubble tea on the way back to the hotel for pizza with the team in the hospitality room for the tourney.