10:20 PM Wednesday, <June 7>, 2023
Actually worked outside the home but not in the office this morning. Went to Dom’s Kitchen & Market, got a cortado, a couple donuts, and sat down and did some work using my iPad Pro. Pretty productive, didn’t have any meetings because it was an internally quiet focus morning. Surprised at the amount of people plugged in, like they’ll be there for a while, or were even there for a while. If I did that more often, I’d eat so much pastries. But definitely nice. Forgot my Airpods Pro so had the ambient sound of the coffee shop. Really might have to do this more often. I’ll have to try Bombastic Cafe to see how it fits. Jackson had a late game today, cooler for me, more so than I expected. Ended up losing 1-3, but found out the opponent was undefeated this season. One more practice and 2 more games and Jackson’s season is done. Oh, and school’s out.