10:20 PM Wednesday, <May 31>, 2023
Had to drive Lucy to practice today, after a Cubs game, and early for dry land, so I decided to waste time at World Market so I wouldn’t have to sit in more traffic. Wasn’t necessarily planning on buying anything, but then found Slow & Low Rock and Rye and Coffee Old-Fashioned, so I had to get them. Also got a Crunchie and a Violet Crumble. Also randomly got Hawaii’s Best Hawaiian Haupia Mix (think it’s just coconut gelatin). But the prize was finding Nick and Nora glasses. They’re tiny and cute, and I’m breaking them in with The Last Word and Division Bell. Also got a snifter, because I didn’t have one. Also got some random New York Seltzers, to see if the kids like them, and a single serve sake, and some odd flavored Ramunes.