10:57 PM Wednesday, <May 17>, 2023
Jackson’s officially a cyclist. Able to start by himself, turn both directions, come to a stop. Very cool. Definitely relieved. Granted, not sure how long until we can bike as a family anywhere. Probably have to wait until his next bike I think, which actually won’t be too much longer. Adding the stem extender helped I think. Aside from that, I did my Power Red blood donation. Had a big breakfast, came home, had a big lunch. I did skip getting McDonald’s for dinner when I got the kids dinner after soccer practice. Even though those fries smelled amazing (I admit I stole a couple out of their bag). Started watching The Peripheral. Only seen the first episode, but so far so good. I did not read the book, and I’ve done a pretty good job keeping away from any spoilers, so fresh eyes. And I’m liking it. It’s funny, but taking a little to get used to the regional accent, to the point I’m tempted to put on subtitles. And then they go to London and it’s a different accent that I’ve got to get used to. Either way, it looks like what I thought a William Gibson novel would look like. That’s a good thing. It feels right.