9:47 PM Monday, <May 15>, <2023
Lucy had her Ortho-K appointment today at Village Eyecare down in University Village, so had to pick her up from school and drive through traffic to get there. Surprisingly the 90/94 traffic wasn’t the bad part, it was Western. Then we had some food and snacks (Mario’s Italian Lemonade Italian Ice was amazing and Lucy had her Mochidog and Mochinut), then I went to go drop her off at practice, and drove through traffic on LaSalle, but that was ok since we were killing time. Then I had the bright idea of taking Lake Shore north, which was OK, until I tried getting off at Irving Park which was backed up a ton, so I thought I’d get off at Montrose, but all exits north were super backed up. So I went all the way up to Granville before turning around and coming down Clark and Ashland. At least I got some gas on the way. But wow, was that annoying.