9:52 PM Friday, <May 12>, <2023
Even though Lucy was up early enough to take the bus today, ended up driving her to school anyway because we had to wait for her lunch to finish reheating. Northbound Lake Shore Drive is opened up, although I don’t think they’re done yet, since the manholes are still higher, but done enough. Driving back home after picking her up only took 13 minutes to get home. Coming back from dropping her off picked up desserts from Dom’s Kitchen + Market (no Napoleon), and dinner from Small Cheval for the first time. Pretty good stuff. Didn’t realize they had milkshakes though. Watched more of The Mandalorian. Didn’t go climbing, but did do a core and push-up workout. So at least I got those in. Tried a new cocktail, Paris is Burning, after seeing a reddit comment about it in a post about the Earl Grey Marteani. Pretty good, and it’s a Mezcal drink too. Thinking I should start stocking a dry gin and a botanical gin, for when cocktails call for one or the other.