10:11 PM Friday, <April 21>, 2023
Totally spaced and screwed up my Knotwords and Wordle streaks. I should be able to get my Knotwords back since they have that nifty (complete a new 7 day streak and we’ll forget you missed a day) workout. But annoyed, very slightly, about the Wordle one. Oh well. Can’t even say I have this Daily Dose streak either, since I’ve cheated multiple times and predated entries. Shhh. Still trying to figure out what to post where, just in terms of Mastodon vs. Micro.blog. Thinking Micro.blog is more bloggy, while Mastodon is more conversation, ephemeral, feeling/emotional, maybe political? Not sure. Anyway, got to bike Jackson to/from practice today due to some logistical errors. A bit much after rucking earlier today. But did get to try out Little Goat Diner for the first time. Good, but not what I expected. I guess I was thinking more diner, less Goat, but still good. However it has me craving some actual diner food. All that’s left for that spot is to try GGs Chicken Shop.