7:40 PM Wednesday, <April 19>, 2023
Did another ruck today. Gonna give my flappers the rest of the week to finish up healing before attempting bouldering again next Monday. I did figure out how to attach my 10 lbs ruck plate to the 20 lbs one, so I’m did 30 lbs today. I’d have to say it feels great the rest of the day after the backpack comes off. Also glad I’m finally using a GORUCK bags for its intended purpose, in this case an old style 10 L Bullet Ruck. I recently watched both Pacific Rim and Pacific Rim: Uprising, so I figured I should complete it and started watching Pacific Rim: The Black. Finished season 1 (only 7 episodes) and only 30 minutes, so they go quick. Also decided to start Glass Onion, since there’s a podcast episode in my queue on it.