8:05 PM Monday, <April 17>, 2023
Finally got my new camera, a Fujifilm X-T5. Reading through the manual and charging it up. Gonna have to see if I need to update firmware on it, or on any of my lenses. I haven’t checked on those ever. Excited to have a real camera again. Bigger but feels lighter than the Fujifilm X-E3. Also realized I was supposed to send the X-E3 in for service/repair check. I thought I was waiting on a box they were going to send me, and no, they sent a shipping label that I need to print out and pack myself. Went on a pretty long ruck today, something like 4 miles, but on and off with shopping stops in between. Not sure if it’s a real workout, but I like it. I might have to upgrade my shoes and get another ruck plate, eventually. We’ll see. My flappers look fairly healed, so I might try bouldering on Wednesday. I put my indoor cycling trainer away, so I might try and get outside and bike tomorrow.