9:35 PM Tuesday, <April 11>, 2023
Think I need to figure out docker-compose for my various containers running on the Ubuntu box. About time I guess. Mostly because I need to update to newest, and also because that seems to be the preferred way to run them. Finally sent tax prep stuff to the accountant. Actually feels early this year. I’m a whole 7 days early. First time taking Lucy to swim practice at Latin. Pretty easy, and it was a Cubs Night game. Picked up Mariano’s and Nando’s Peri-Peri and Binny’s Beverage Depot after the drop off. On the way because I didn’t want to take LSD home. So I guess Binny’s will still be on the way home. Tried my hand at a Ramos Gin Fizz tonight. Not as good, not ever in the same ballpark as the one from Sazerac Bar. I’ve got to try a couple more recipes, and probably have to shake more too. Also got back on the indoor bike today. Baby steps.