7:45 PM Thursday, <March 23>, 2023
Feels like the illness is on its way out. Post nasal drip coughing is occurring, and that's usually a sign it's ending. It's usually the most annoying part though, so I slept on the couch last night, to sit up more, and so I wouldn't annoy Tracy while sleeping. Got Lucy's Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones back from Apple Lincoln Park; just a complete replacement. Funny enough, the price if it had not been under warranty is just about the same price they cost on Amazon. Go figure. Typing this update on the iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2010) in the kitchen running ChromeOS Flex. It's coming in pretty handy. Pretty speedy for all my Gmail and web browsing needs. Getting Jackson squared away with soccer camps. We got him and Hudson signed up for the FC Barcelona Soccer Camp (https://camps.fcbarcelona.us/), and also another week at Blaine Summer Camp. Lucy's going to a Nike Swim Camp, this time to Wisconsin at Lawrence University for a change. And she's doing junior lifeguard camp again. And her new team is doing two-a-day practices over the summer, but not sure if she'll manage that.