8:31 PM Tuesday, <March 21>, 2023
Yeah, think I’m sick. No fever, more head cold sinus congestion. Been a while since I’ve had one of those. Been wearing a mask though when I was out and about today. Went to Apple Lincoln Park to get Lucy’s Beats Solo3 Headphones repaired/replaced (the right side stopped working). Went to Whole Foods and picked up some breakfast pastries. Picked Jackson up early from Ten Pound Cake so he could go to soccer practice. Picked up Gold Spot from Binny’s after dropping Lucy off at swim practice. All times I wore a mask. Been a while since I did that too. Actually felt pretty good to wear a mask, good for whatever thing I’ve got. Even had a cup of tea (thoroughly enjoy the steam off the cup). No exercise, and will try for an early bedtime today.