9:41 PM Tuesday, <October 4>, 2022>
Party season is ramping up. Blainflix post party just this past weekend. Booze and Candy tasting next weekend. Halloween x 2. Friendsgiving. Solstice. Figure I'll make a Milk Bar Apple Pie Cake (one of the few left I haven't made yet from the cookbooks) for one of the parties we're hosting. Speaking of apple, went to Lincoln Square Apple Fest last Sunday. Jackson's been dealing with injuries, so he had to skip his soccer game last Saturday. But being an 8 year old kid, he bounced back to normal a couple days later. Taking a break from paring down the whiskey collection. Made a good dent the last month or so. Already got my October bottle, and have to start thinking what my November bottle might be. Keeping up with the exercising, not so much with the diet though. Have to get back on that horse. Still stuck on V3s at Movement Wrigleyville. Not all, but still some. And I don't feel comfortable enough trying the easy V4s if there's still V3s I can't do. I can't dyno anything. And my grip strength is still pretty poor. Maybe need to up my session times. Finally finished off Stranger Things with the family, and Cowboy Bebop (original anime). Still working through Star Wars Rebels. Started up Blue Mountain State for fun. Hard to believe Thad becomes Reacher. Also would be interested in seeing something action/adventurery in a sitcom format, but I can't think of anything. Also watched a bunch of movies that are getting sequels, like Constantine and Avatar, Rogue One because of Andor. I did also plow through Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. I actually didn't think it was that good, thought it was pretty straightforward? But still, a fun world to watch. Also made it through Terminal List. Finally watched some blockbusters, like Jurassic World Dominion and The Gray Man. Also stuff like Hustle and Lou. So been watching a lot of stuff.