4:33 PM Monday, <April 26>, <2021>
Got my 2nd shot of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine last Thursday. Ended up taking a sick day on Friday as I didn't sleep that well and felt pretty achy (like the flu). But that only lasted a day. So now just waiting a couple weeks until I should be fully vaccinated. Yay. Only thing that really changes I think is hanging out with other vaccinated people indoors without masks. Just in time for summer. Went to a house in Austinburg, Ohio for Spring Break with the Cases. Once I arrived, didn't leave the grounds until the trip was over. We let the vaccinated ones out to get food and supplies. But fun, relaxing, and they brought a new toy: Oculus Quest 2. Tried it out once for like 15 minutes, and then I knew I had to get one. So we do. And it's amazing. Aside from having to create a Facebook account for it, and of course spending on accessories and games, but a lot of fun. Now trying to evangelize, because it really is amazing. It's like the future. Like the Metaverse or the Oasis or the Matrix. Seriously cool. Also on the trip we did a Zoom magic show with Justin Willman (from Netflix's Magic for Humans). Pretty cool. Still working on the 30 day Micro.blog photoblogging challenge. I think I'm 4 days out from completing. Fingers crossed. Been ordering a bunch of Steingold's lately. Good stuff there. Keep getting the bagel and lox. One recent weekend we did 3 orders in 5 days (dinner, then a couple days off, then lunch then breakfast). Soccer's started again for Jackson. Getting conflicts with Lucy's swim practice, so have to bike instead of choosing to bike. Also got one of those garage storage pulley systems to hang the cargo box for the car. Gets it off the floor, but it hangs pretty low, so not the greatest. Thinking maybe one of those hanging shelves would be better? Ordered one to see. If not, the shelf could be useful for storing the patio couch cushions when it's raining. Finally got Jackson to use headphones for remote schooling, so it's much quieter when he's home M-W.