10:49 PM Tuesday, <May 21>, <2019
Got introduced to dominos over the weekend by Alejandro Rodriguez, Lucy's friend Alex's dad. We had a playdate along with Chris and Eliot over at the high school after lunch (played some kickball dads vs. kids) which turned into a playdate at our place which then turned into dominos and drinks which turned into grilling and dinner which turned into more dominos and drinks and the first use of the firepit and s'mores. Hammels came over, the kids played, it was a little chilly but overall a really good Sunday in the city. Alejandro, turns out, is a trained chef, so he manned the grill and did an amazing job. He's like Tracy: grills and gardens. But also had to get a domino's set for myself, and figured a good as time as any to get a mah jong set. Good summer games. On Friday, had a post girl scout's party at the house, good time since I actually got to hang out with the parents since Jackson could entertain himself at home. But that was a lot of hosting/socializing this weekend. Good though. Saturday got some empanadas and gelato after biking Lucy to tennis. Ended up getting dinner at Bulerias Tapas Bar. Overall just a pretty good weekend. Been getting up early to do meetings with my India team. First time one of my team members is leaving, so dealing with that this week. Also means I'll have to do my first hire. Also means I'm probably not coming close to sleeping enough, and it's pretty much every day, so I'm getting up that early on the weekends even though I don't have to. Not to mention I've already slept through a couple of them. Next step is to go to sleep earlier. Which I think means I have to get better at getting everything done during the day.